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Ideas for Frozen Fish Portions?

tastyjon | Jun 8, 200811:30 PM

I live in the desert, so as much as I'd love to have loads of fresh fish on hand, it's a bit challenging. Likewise, I'm interested in slightly more healthy, single serve dishes. Hence I've been loading up on a vairety of the flash frozen, vacuum sealed kind of portions one can find at TJs, Costco, etc. - not the carboard box/battered kind.

My first foray, some cod filets, ended up a bit dry on the top. They were oven cooked with a tiny layer of Asian-like sauce in a ceramic dish. They might have gotten too much top heat (broil setting) or could have used more basting/TLC. I've also had mixed success with Salmon filets, where my attempt to slightly char in a little convection toaster oven ended up with the desired tinge but also dry interior.

But I also wonder if it's simply better - across the board - to employ cetain techiniques with any fronzen portions, given their frozen nature and that they also usually lack - for the most part - scales/skin that might otherwise trap in moisture?

Cooking in a bamboo steamer would seem to be a good option, as would steaming in parchment, leaves or foil. Any suggestions that are simple? Also, any tips on employing one technique to cook, but another to finish? For example, a little bit of salmon that is moist on the inside but has some grill-like char on the outside?


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