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Humanely raised corn-fed beef? Non gmo? Any brands you can recommend?

certifiedhumane | Mar 17, 201205:29 PM

Hey guys good afternoon! Well I am looking for some corn-fed beef. The main thing needs to be that the cows are treated humanely! The other main concern would be I need to know that the corn they are being fed is NON GMO! Basically I have found I prefer the taste of corn-fed to grass-fed and with me, the only thing I care about is how the cows are being treated, so I don't mind if they eat corn, and in fact if you think about it the cows eating corn are probably alot happier because they like corn!

I have been buying Storm Hill Beef from Storm Hill Beef Co-Op, found at atmytable.com which I highly recommend, however there's is only corn finished so it still has that slightly grassy flavor! I would gladly continue to support these guys til the end however I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else out there!

I have found some beef called Brandt Beef, corn-fed, however while they do say they follow humane treatment it says nothing about gmos, so I have emailed them for an answer.

I am still researching some more however I wanted to hear from some of you guys since my previous forum topics have been such a success in terms of help received :) Have a good weekend :) Good eats :)

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