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hot dogs - rippers at home?


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hot dogs - rippers at home?

ScubaSteve | Jan 8, 2007 02:59 PM

had the deep fryer out this weekend and was trying to deep fry some dogs. i am looking for the dog to "rip" open as i have had at several take away places.

i was using deutchmacher(sp) natural casing franks in peanut oil at 350degrees. the problem i had was that the dogs didn't 'rip,' the skin just peeled back and didn't expose any of the interior to the oil.

my thinking now is that my oil was too hot and that the skin cooked and tore too quickly rather than letting the interior come up to explosive temp then breaking through.

does anyone have any knowledge of this process? am i using the wrong dog or too high an oil temperature?

thanks in advance!


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