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Hot Dogs... Grilled, Boiled, Steamed... or really?... Microwaved?

FriedClamFanatic | Apr 22, 201506:52 PM

I'm sure this must have come up before. With folks as vehement and vocal about what they want on a dog to the brand ( and the roll!), I can't believe it has been totally ignored.

Growing up, it was always grilled in butter and served on a top sliced bun at our house most of the year. Summers usually saw an array of blackened/charred long things on a another top sliced bun that had been cooked over a real charcoal grill. The rare "treat on stick" roasted over a beach fire or campfire on an overnighter was a fun time, but didn't happen often. Hojo's got informally voted best restaurant place for Dawgs, primarily, I think, because it was the only chain on the Cape at the time. Local Charity events would have one of those roller devices similar to what 7-11 uses today to make for a sometimes nicely "grilled" dog.

Then came college. Although Providence was a mere 100 miles from home, it opened my eyes to a whole new world of Dog preparation. First, the rolls were mini grinder rolls, no longer split on top, but along the side! Interesting! The college refectory would sometimes offer Dogs for lunch, pulled out of a vat that probably boiled 200-300(or more) and then left them to sit in the hot water until served. Again a side roll and a line at the toppings/condiments table that almost assured it would be lukewarm to warm by the time you reach a table, along with a bag of chips.

But.......... later in the evenings, along came the trucks! Hot water bath in most..but one enterprising older guy came up with the ingenious "steamed in beer" machine! Most of us still being under legal age, but not totally "devoid of the ways of the world", would readily jump to grab one or two what were to us somewhat illicit babies.

After college came the age of automat type vending machines and microwaves. Get a (plain) dog, sealed in cellophane, open an end to let steam partially escape. Nuked for a minute or 2 and you had a nice soft gooey roll and dog. ( Note my wife....not an adventurous nor gourmet type.... still sometimes takes her dog and bun and wraps it all in Saran Wrap for our micro.. at least she only uses brown mustard on it). Condiments/Toppings?.......tough. lucky if they had a few packets of "stuff" nearby.

My preferences, now that I approach my dotage, is still the grilled in butter and the lobster roll type top-sliced bun ( also grilled in butter lightly on each side). Wrap a rasher of bacon around it and I'm in heaven as my arteries scream. Top sliced bun is not as critical. a side slit is sometimes preferable, and makes for an easy landing point for a slice of bacon that was cooked but not rolled around it. The non existent in this neck of the woods, a Linguica dog, is something I still crave. Grilled of course.

My toppings preferences have also evolved; I'd like to think refined. Mustard and ketchup have never been an option for me, I loathe either on anything. Usually the roll will have hoisin sauce lathered down one side, a Boars Head Vidallia onion spread on the other. I've never been a fan of the "loaded" dogs...way too messy for me. A nice squirt of hot sauce is good if I know I'm gonna have a glass of milk or some ice cream later. Pickles on the side are ok.I prefer sweet ones. Never on them or Gawd Forbid that "relish" stuff you can find. Some finely chopped up onion on it, tho, can make me smile.

So....... without risking another flame war that we see among hotdogs/pizza/BBQ fans, do you have cooking preferences and/or a history?

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