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Hosting The Spouse's Boss - Advise please?


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Hosting The Spouse's Boss - Advise please?

cayjohan | Dec 18, 2007 02:01 PM

After the end-of-year holidays cease, and the winter doldrums set in, I know the perennial question of hosting my Hub's boss and wife for dinner will come up. Other circumstances have intervened, thankfully, in the past, but this year has a few extra twists and I think I will have to do it, for reasons related to work politics and marital harmony.

I have never hosted a two-couple dinner with the Boss being an element, and am feeling like a newly-wed Laura Petrie ("Oooooh, ROB...!!). Am looking for some sage advice from those who have quaked in their boots and gritted their teeth and gone on. And survived.

My most salient questions (I'm sure I'll think of more later):

- How to deal with a Boss who has extremely non-chowish tastes (per reportage), especially since my Hub (gotta love him) has lauded my cooking to the Boss. Problem: I cook fairly chowish AND ethnic AND, well, with seasonings. How have you managed this?

- How to manage the alcohol consumption (of both Boss and Hub). Cheeriness and conviviality, yes, but intoxication, no. How have you managed this?

- How one deals with the fact that one's setting is "not like other settings;" to wit, we are a household of artists, both trained and untrained (Hmmm...sounds weirdly icky), and our home is not exactly decorated in a Dinner With The Boss fashion. Does one dumb down the more creative home in case it doesn't loo "right," whatever right is? How have you managed this?

- Finally, are any of my paranoid (I admit I am) worries even warranted? Can one be as one is with one's friends: welcoming, convivial, feeling accepted simply by opening one's home and being oneself, or is there a complicated recipe of political maneuvering and host choreography that I did not line up for when they handed out this knowledge?

I would appreciate success stories as well as cautionary tales. Really. Either that, or send tickets for me to be far, far away...

Thank you!


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