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Hostess tried to return my cake?

WickedWit | May 7, 200802:56 PM

This is such a weird one.

My family was invited to a "party," really more of a dinner. I asked the hostess what I could bring, she said she didn't need anything. I'd normally bring a bottle of wine anyway, but since this was a "little kids included" party, I decided to make and bring a bundt cake.

The hostess seemed glad to get it and only had storebought cookies otherwise for dessert.

But then! She let me know about an hour after I got home that I "forgot my cake," and she would bring it to me the next morning. (Via email.) I didn't get the email until the following morning, was in and out, and didn't worry about it -- I don't *want* the cake back, it was supposed to be for them. But she called twice that morning and (I think) tried to stop by, too.

Am I crazy? Isn't it poor etiquette to try to return a dessert someone brought to you? I'm just baffled by this, and don't quite know how to take it.

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