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Home knife sharpening - best (and most reasonable) sharpener?


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Home knife sharpening - best (and most reasonable) sharpener?

fatstern | Feb 2, 2007 10:22 AM

I have a few knives that i get (professionally) sharpened here and again, but they dont hold their blades all that well. have a wustoff clasic santoku and a henkels chef's knife of good quality. not sure if if they're not sharpened well (the blade seems pretty sharp when i get them back, not amazingly so), or my roommate mistreats them (i use the steel every other time i use it), but they just don;t seem to hold a blade well. so i feel like i'd like to be able to sharpen them up whenever i feel like it.

can you recommend a home sharpener (something effective and re$onable)? some old school equipment i should get (stone of some sort?)...techniques? i'm kind of clueless as to how shrpen a knife....

any help would be aprpeciated -- thanks!

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