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New home, want to get built in fridge, but existing cutout doesn't fit. What to do now?

boxta | Mar 20, 201210:54 AM

Hi all,

Just joined the board as it seems it's a very active and helpful place. I have a question about home appliances.

Recently bought a new home, I always imagined I would have a sub zero built in fridge in my new home. However, the new home already has new cabinetry (remodeled in 2010), so I don't feel like redoing all the cabinets.

The current fridge cutout of the cabinet is standard 76*36.5*27.5 ... so standard 36 cabinet depth fridge basically

all built in fridge is 84 high I believe..

so what should I do now?? is it easy to still satisfy my dream (get a built in)? Or should I give up.

it seems to me there are few options

1) get a free standing one that makes it look built in.. i am not sure if subzero makes fridge those sizes, but i think viking does??? not sure how that fits

2) redo the cabinets just for that fridge section, and put a sub zero in there..

I have no clue how the cost would be if i redo the cabinets...

also frankly.. besides the look.. and the "sturdy feel" of a built in.. what else is different besides built in and free standing ones.. is the built in one bigger inside?? (it kinda feels like it, but i never measure)

what should I do?

thanks in advance!

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