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Holiday food gifts


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Holiday food gifts

Janet A. Zimmerman | Dec 28, 2002 12:12 PM

I think it's about time we started the post-holiday lists of all the goodies we received (or bought for ourselves in weak moments).

I got a cheese from Washington State Universtiy (my sister and I both went there, so she sends me some cheese every year). WSU being the ag school in Washington, it has a good dairy and is famous in a local way for its Cougar Gold cheese. This year she sent me their "Viking" cheese studded with chives and cracked peppercorns. A really great melting cheese, mild and creamy tasting with a texture something like a soft cheddar. It's nothing complex, but it was wonderful in an omelet with some leftover Nieman Ranch ham. I'm saving the last chunk of it for macaroni and cheese.

Before Christmas, I found a shop that sells Amarena Fabbri cherries (although only in the small jars) so I was able to get some to use in a christmas cookie I wanted to make, and I still have some leftover for cocktails.

How about everyone else? Anybody get anything extraordinary?

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