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Hit Wicket scores a century


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Hit Wicket scores a century

enhF94 | Jun 27, 2013 04:41 PM

Spent the afternoon at Hit Wicket today, so I wanted to contribute a report. I wasn't expecting much (stupid Y**p) but I left very happy, and frankly, eager to return.

They've been soft-opened for a few days, and tonight is the grand opening "with the mayor!" The (presumably) owners were present, so we talked the mystery that is Cricket. They seemed friend-level nice.

It also turns out that once I learned that Cricket was created by bored shepherds (i.e. bored 14 year old boys deciding that anything cool, rare or lucky should be worth points), it's much easier to understand. There are sweet laminated explanations of cricket on the table baskets, even explaining who the good teams are. Australia is apparently very good, and India.

A menu is now up at so there's that.

Based entirely on recommendations from waitstaff, we ordered:

plantain chips "tossed in chili spice mix" - these were cut about two mm thick and fried crunchy. Properly salted on the light side. I liked the crunch and they stayed crunchy even after cooling. Not greasy at all, even after fully cooled. The chili-spice mix was pretty subtle, not a flaw for plantains in my book. I'm not sure it's automatic, but we were given three sauces to go with: a ketchup that seemed spiced up, a green jalapeno sauce, and an orange habanero sauce. I only tried the jalapeño sauce, and it seemed notably hotter than most jalepeños to me, and fresh-herby if perhaps underseasoned. I don't like ketchup or pain, so I would have enjoyed a mayo-based sauce - like Sriracha mayo.

Aussie Meat Pie with Pea Mash: This was serious and solid and satisfying, the star of the meal - the ground lamb was definitely de-felled, so not muttony at all, and the crust was beautifully, impressively tender. I forgot to ask if the crust was homemade, but if it is, someone has good skills (and maybe, we can hope, bold enough to work with lard?). Perfectly seasoned - comforting, satisfying, not over-rich. The pie is about 5 inches across, so I was quite satisfied. I don't think I'm exaggerating to put it in the top 5 meat pies I've eaten.

Bangers and Mash, but a variation with indian-style potatoes: this was well put together, a nice combination of sweet sausage with spiced potatoes, both holding up well to the other. I'd have browned the sausages more. Some brown gravy there, too. It's just a pile on the plate, but bangers and mash isn't really a fine dining dish, so fine with me.

Lankan Chocolate Marie Biscuit Pudding: this definitely falls into the "as easy to make at home as it is to order" category, but I liked it just fine. It took a nudge from the waitstaff to talk me out of lamingtons (finally, lamingtons** in Boston!!) Still cold from the fridge so the chocolate top was solid, a nice textural contrast to the moisture-absorbing biscuits. I have no idea what makes it (I assume Sri-) Lankan and it was awkwardly plated with drippy custard drizzled underneath and sliced strawberries, but the flavor was on.

*I know about myself that when I come across a family-owned new place that doesn't suck, I tend to identify with them, want them to do well, and maybe overlook flaws. I tried to account for this, but use a grain of salt. I know there's at least one cricket league around here, but these guys will need more than cricketers to thrive. Fortunately, though, the food's serious.

**I know KO pies have lamingtons too, and I like KO a lot, but their lamingtons are really unpleasantly dry.

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