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Hell's Kitchen Spring 2014 season spoilers


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Hell's Kitchen Spring 2014 season spoilers

Worldwide Diner | Apr 6, 2014 08:48 AM

I'm too lazy to start a new post every week. So let's just bitch and moan here for the rest of this season.

For the reward challenge, each team is required to make 10 plates of some kind of filled pasta, was it ravioli with lobster? Gordo puts Mike, DeMarco and Gabriel as one group on the men's team, thereby dooming the men's team. Sure enough, the men get off to a good start by putting up 5 good plates before the women even plated 1. But the women's system caught them up. Tied at 9-9, the 3 stooges finally puts up their first plate, which predictably sucked. The women swoop in and won...I really don't want to see any of these men or women in a bathing suit....please stop the flesh showing rewards!!!

The women actually finished their dinner service and then went to help the men. Jason, the anger management issue guy, crossed the line but at least he knew it - did he shove a woman or something? Whatever. Men lose, I think they put up DeMarco and Mike. DeMarco says he's not worse than Mike - even if true, he's not better by much. Gordo then boots Mike - who goes out with middle finger blazing.

Prior to being booted, Mike offered to move to the women's team, to their horror!

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