How the heck do I choose new pots and pans??


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How the heck do I choose new pots and pans??

LavenderPeony | May 8, 2011 08:48 PM

I've been learning to cook for about 5 years now. I've been using a mish mash of hand me down pots and pans. They suited my needs very well as a beginning cook but now that my skills have grown, this set is no longer suitable. I also have a bit more money now to invest in a proper, good quality new set.

I've been looking at flyers and browsing the selection at various stores (e.g. IKEA, HomeSense, Home Outfitters, and department stores like The Bay) but I'm finding it so overwhelming! There are TOO many choices! I have no clue how to narrow down my choices.

Here's some additional info:

- I already have several good pieces that I don't need to purchase: a dutch oven, a cast iron frying pan, a cast iron wok, and a large stock pot. What I'm looking to replace are the little "workhorse" pots and pans for blanching vegetables, cooking dry noodles, making sauces, etc.

- I'm eco-conscious (environmental and health reasons) so I do not own or want to purchase anything with a non-stick coating.

- I need a good variety of sizes of pots and pans.

- I'm ready to move up from my "university student" quality pots and pans but cannot afford Le Creuset-kind of quality.

Any advice??

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