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Healthiest choices for chicken breasts and where to find it?


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Healthiest choices for chicken breasts and where to find it?

kimbercin | Apr 1, 2012 09:06 AM

Okay, Im new here,but found this site while GooGling why the chicken breasts offered in ALL my local supermarkets are so darn big. I thought for a while big was good, cause, well you get more and more is better right? Then I noticed my chicken always came out dry and crumbly when I boiled it for chicken salad, etc., and examined why this change. I was buying boneless, skinless and suspected that had something to do with the poor results. So I went looking for ones with the skin on, etc, only to find the 2+ pounders being offered. This concerned me because I was wondering why their so big and immediately thought of hormones injected. Didnt realize that was now illegal, but other things injected are apparently not..
My question is, can I still buy chicken breast bone in skin on of ANY size that are without injections of any kind.? I mean do all of them have antibiotics in them? And does size indicate a less flavorful or unhealthy choice? And are any of the boneless/skinless as tasty or cook as well?
I was searching for small breast for a RRay recipe I saw last week and it was then that I discovered the non-existence of small breasts in my local marts. The smallest I was able to find was a 2 pk at brunos that was 1 1/4 lb each and not cheap.
Does anyone have any advice on whats best health wise and where to get it? If it's organic does that mean no injections? Can I even find organic chicken with skin on and bone in? All I have seen is boneless (celebrity brand of some sort) that said no injections...

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