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What is happening with the EDIT feature?


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What is happening with the EDIT feature?

Sherri | Jul 27, 2014 02:12 PM

Prior to the new overhaul, it has been possible to change, delete or edit your post within a two hour window of posting. This is no longer possible. I have asked this question and find I am listed as a poster but cannot find the answer.

In the post "POLL: Specific NEW Features That Bug You" I am listed as a poster, the last poster, but can find absolutely no evidence of the post. Where is it? How do I read what I wrote? At one point, I'd deleted the post only to find it. Now the wording has vanished but I remain 'the last poster'. WTF?

Can someone please explain what is happening?
FWIW, I am not a newbie, I have been a CH poster for about nine years and am completely boggled by this new overhaul.

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