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Halloween themed Asian food?


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Halloween themed Asian food?

S U | Oct 18, 2011 12:33 PM

This is my first year participating in a Halloween potluck at my office... and over the past year I've grown tired of the same old stuff coworkers contribute -- bucket of fried chicken, potato / pasta salads, dips and chips, cookies, etc. So I want to spice things up a bit with my contribution this year. As a nod to my Asian ancestry, I'm trying to come up with something a bit more "ethnic" . I know there will be plenty of pie, cookies, jello, candy, and the like so I'm looking specifically for a savory dish. After a quick online search, I've come across the Thai "eyeballs" (sweet sticky rice balls w/ black sesame paste inside); but that is not savory. And things are a bit extra difficult because I'm still a really beginner novice in the kitchen, which leaves a lot of things off my list. But I did manage to come up with 1 idea: pancit palabok using Mama Sita's mix... that would result in a bright orange noodle! I can even keep it "deconstructed": leaving the shrimp in a separate container for those who are allergic to seafood, keeping the chicharon and pork bits in their own bowls for the vegetarians (i'll have to check whether meat product is used in the actual mix first), etc.

Is that my only option though? Any other ideas out there? Since Halloween falls on a Monday, I'll probably have some time on Sunday to prep things. We don't have a way to really heat food at the office, although we do have a small fridge -- so something served at room temp would be great. I can even just pick up something (the office is a few blocks from our Chinatown), but the question is what would work? Bonus for an idea that would work for vegetarians and folks allergic to seafood.

Thanks all!

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