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AmyH | Jul 19, 2012 05:48 PM

Has anyone else in Chow land tried growing vegetables in a Grow Box ( )? This is my second year using them and I'm so disappointed. I have 3 of them. Last year I think where I put them was too hot. They were on the driveway and maybe the sun reflecting off the blacktop got to them. The tomato plants were scraggly and the tomatoes all had blossom end rot. The squash plants had lots of flowers, at first, but only a few turned into squash and those rotted on the vine before they were more than 2 inches long. I did get some good peppers and eggplants, though. This year I put them in a different place with mainly morning and early afternoon sun. And this year I put lime in the soil for the tomatoes and have been putting lime in the water once or twice per week. The tomato plants are tall and lush, but I've already pulled off 30 tomatoes with blossom end rot. There are maybe 10 that don't have it. The white eggplant looks good but the Italian eggplant has sick looking leaves. And the cubanelle pepper plant is dying. I keep the bottom full of water and have followed all of the instructions that came with them. The customer support at the company is pretty useless, only repeating what's already on their website. Can anyone who has had a good experience with these Grow Boxes tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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