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Grocery inquiry: beating a dead horse?


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Grocery inquiry: beating a dead horse?

parkslopemama | Sep 27, 2004 01:17 PM

I know, I know, some chowhounds are sick of talking about the same old Smith Street restaurants. And I know that The Grocery is probably still under a "it's-not-that-great" backlash reaction to its high Zagat's rating.... Nevertheless, I would like to try it, since I have never been.

Now having gotten all this defensive preamble out of the way, here's my question: Any recommendations of what to order??

I looked at some previous posts, and some chowhounds recommended: goat cheese ravioli with beets, fluke with fresh tomatoes and "cheesy" bread, an unspecified lamb dish, an unspecified duck dish, a stuffed squid dish, peach cobbler and steamed gingerbread pudding.
I don't know how much the menu has changed since those old posts, or with the change of seasons...

Anyone care to comment, elaborate or make further suggestions?

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