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Old Gristmill Authentic American Corn Whiskey


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Old Gristmill Authentic American Corn Whiskey

StriperGuy | Feb 16, 2009 08:43 AM

Have wanted to try real american unaged corn whiskey for a while.

Recently tried Georgia Moon at Hungry Mother Cambridge in Cambridge, MA and honestly it did not taste like much of anything.

I had heard good things about Old Gristmill Authentic American Corn Whiskey from Tuthilltown Spirits:

They apparently grind their NY Hudson valley corn in an old water-wheel-driven grist mill. Way cool. Would love to make some cornbread with their meal...

Anyhow, so I bought a bottle on the web. If you google you can find some if you are interested and one I was surprised shipped to MA.

That said, even the Old Gristmill was much milder than I imagined. Now I was not looking for rotgut firewater, or even the roughness of some really cheap grappas, but I did expect a bit more oomph.

The Old Gristmill is actually kind of delicious, but in a very delicate way. I had been drinking it with an ice cube or two, and was about to write a review saying I found it a bit boring, but I just had a sip straight ;-). Must admit it is much better without ice.

It is subtle and delicate. Pretty much all booze I will sip with a touch of ice, but now I must admit I am sold. This stuff needs to be drunk neat. The taste of corn is delicate. I hesitate to use the word perfume because it is not "perfumey" but it does have a gentle, sweet corn on a summer day taste/aroma almost a perfume in the background.

It's delicious, try some if you can!

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