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Grills (split from Kosher board)

MartyB | Jun 5, 200810:10 PM

With the spiraling costs of food, I am looking cheaper options. One of them is grilling. I just bought a real propane grill. So much easier than charcoal. Amazng how easy and quick it is to grill food. So far I only did burgers, to take the place of the burger salad that I used to buy from Burger Bar. I have it down to - (1) Turn on grill to high for 10 mnutes (2) Place burgers (straight from package, no "patchkening" with it) on grill. (3) close top wait 3 minutes (4) turn over, again close top. (5) 3 minutes later - done! in a little over 15 minutes I have great burgers at a fraction of the cost that Burger Bar charges. I tried the cheaper burgers and the more expensive burgers, the cheaper one makes a better burger, probably because of the greater flare ups because of the higher fat content and hence the more grill taste. I will try chicken cutlets next and then steak. I don't want to play with temperature probes, I need simple instructions, just like I have with the burgers. I need to solve the equation "X minutes on one side then turn over and grill for Y minutes" I need "X" and "Y" for chicken cutlets and then for steak. Because of their irregular shapes, I would imagine chicken pieces (with bone and skin, not cutlets) would be more complicated to know when they are done. For burgers "X" = "Y" = 3 minutes.

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