Greenpan Diamond, Venice Pro and Diamond+ skillets: metric dimensions

PhilD84 | Jan 25, 201812:21 PM     6

Hello there, I'm from Germany and about to upgrade my cookware in the near future. I'm quite interested in Greenpan skillets specifically. Generally speaking the offer of Greenpan skillets is severely limited in the Germany market, therefore I'm actively looking overseas. However while browsing the web I realised that there seem to be conversion errors from inches to centimeters and vice versa when it comes to the description of these skillets found on webpages.

As an example European skillets are distinguished between 24 and 26cm, while oftentimes both of these sizes are being put into the category of 10" skillets.

Telephone agents that I have called weren't really of any help as they usually cannot tell anything beyond what's already written on the webpages. Sometimes I have typed some questions, for example asking the diameter of these pans on amazon.com only to receive answers that are way off or are as much as 2cm apart.
To avoid mistakes when ordering and since shipment costs are horrendously high I'm asking for your help and hence would like to ask some specific questions regarding dimensions of skillets of three different series, Greenpan Diamond, Greenpan Venice Pro and Greenpan Diamond+, see:

Greenpan Diamond


Greenpan Venice Pro


Greenpan Diamond+



For all of the questions listed below I kindly ask you to use a metric measuring tools. So my questions to anyone in possession of the enlisted pans are:
1) What series is it from? What's the listed diameter of the pan? Is it 8", 9.5", 10", 12"?
2) What's the actual inner diameter at the top of your pan in centimeters? Please exclude the pouring edge if there is one, just the inner diameter only.
3) What's the diameter of the flat part of the base that is in direct contact with the stove/heat? Again in cm.
4) What's the actual weight of the pan? If you can, use (kilo)grams on your kitchen scale, otherwise I'm fine with pounds and ounces.

Remark: I don't want to have a discussion why I chose these pans or that there are presumably better options available. All I want this to be is a sort of a database of measurements which also might be helpful to others not accustomed to the imperial system. Thanks.

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