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Green meat - sausage and burgers and nuggets, oh my!

rworange | Feb 20, 2012 07:20 PM

Forget the cache of eating that hundred dollar or more wagu burger dressed with truffles and fois gras, the bun sprinkled with gold instead of sesame seeds. .

For a mere $330,000, as early as October 2012, you could be the first to try petri-fied beef ... meat grown in a petri dish.

Enjoy your pasture-raised chicken and grass fed beef while you can.

Even more ecologically friendly food might be on the shelf within a decade ... stem cell meat grown in vitro in the lab.


The thing is, googling around, i don't see anything about producing a tasty product ... only trying to mimic the red color (currently pinkish yellow) and being able to bring the cost down.


No animals were killed or suffered to make your meat, dairy or eggs

Eliminate world starvation

Save the planet. No more rainforests cut down for cattle.

Ethical vegetarians and vegans could eat meat

Unhealthy stuff like fat and bad cholesterol might be oliminated


Who knows yet.

New food issues

Would it be considered bad form to eat real meat. PETA has been putting money into this.

Would we have a new class of vegetarians and vegans who didn't want franken meat?

A caveat is that depending on the scientific team working on this it might involve slaughering a cow to get all the stem cells. However, "You could get about 1 million times as many burgers from a single cow using these stem cell methods as you would from traditional processes"

A little more from wiki which seems as good as anyplace


I guess what shocks me is that it appears to be so near. The future seems to be here. The above article estimates 10 - 20 years. Other links seem to think it could be sooner.

Would you eat it?

I don't know ... if they could make a good fois gras ... maybe.

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