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Let the Great "How to Make Pulled Pork" Debate Begin


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Let the Great "How to Make Pulled Pork" Debate Begin

Davwud | Nov 6, 2008 07:18 AM

Hey Hounds.

So with the prompting of some of the Ontario hounds, I've been asked to post my method of how to make a great southern style BBQ pulled pork. Or BBQ if you prefer that term.

I usually try for a full shoulder (Butt and picnic) so I'll have plenty of leftovers which I bag in small batches and freeze. Yes I know it's not as good when it's been frozen and reheated but it's also not too bad and far better than no BBQ.

I have a Charbroil Silver Smoker http://www.charbroil.com/Consumer/pro...

So, without further ado......

The fire is started in charcoal chimney. I use half lump and half briquettes. The wood is either hickory or apple which are chunks not chips.

I do nothing to my shoulder. It goes straight onto the smoker naked. Skin side up.

Then we wait. And wait, and wait. Oh and drink. I usually smoke it for about a half hour per pound. So around the 9 or 10 (Or more) hour mark I flip it skin side down into a disposable roasting pan and cover with foil. It then cooks covered for the same amount of time it smoked for. I will occasionally do this in the oven overnight so I can not wake up to tend to the fire.

After it's cooked, I drain the juices and fat in the bottom of the pan into a large measuring cup.

I use a fork in each hand and start shredding the meat, discarding the scraps of course. The bones are saved for beans (green) or peas (black eyed) or something like that.

Once the meat is all shredded I sprinkle it with BBQ seasoning. Not a whole lot and I just do it by eye. I've done it enough to know how much is enough. I then add back as much of the juice (The fat is skimmed off and saved) that I drained as I feel I want. It's pretty moist anyway so not a whole lot is needed. The meat, seasoning and juice are all mixed up and ready for serving.

Served on a cheap burger bun with slaw and a squirt of BBQ sauce for me.

The fat is saved to cooking. I usually make BBQ baked beans so I saute the onion in the fat and add some of the meat as well.

My slaw is a sweet and vinegary concoction that my SIL gave me the recipe for. Mrs. Sippi doesn't go for the slaw on the sandwich but I find it adds a certain something.

I know a lot of diehards will shoot this down but the technique was explained to me by the fine folks at Jack Daniels. It's how they do their pork and I say "If it's good enough for them, It's good enough for me.

Okay, so now the great debate can begin.


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