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Great option for high temp pizza cooking.

Den | Feb 29, 2008 03:48 AM

First of all, I used Peter Reinhards Neapolitana pizza dough recipe which worked out great although I thought at first it was too little yeast. Anyway, I put my pizza stone in the oven and cranked it up and the pizza stone was just putting off a smell in the kitchen I didn't like so I figured I would just take it out of the oven and not use it. Ok, where to put the hot pizza stone? Well, I put it outside on the gas grill to cool and that's when the light went off. Why not crank up the gas grill with the pizza stone in it. You can get a lot higher temp than the regular oven. Well, that's what we did and it worked better than I could have hoped. In the high heat, the thin Neapolitan pizzas cooked in under 10 minutes with a perfect crust. It's the way to go from now on.

The recipe was:

5 cups flour - we used Italian 00
1 tsp yeast
3 tsp Kosher salt
about a pint of cool water.

I mixed the dough in a stand mixer until it picked up into a ball off the sides and let it knead for 4 minutes. Let it rest in the bowl for 5 minutes then kneaded it again in the mixer for 4 minutes. Lightly oiled the dough ball and put it in a bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes then put it in the fridge overnight. Took it out 3 hours before cook time. Cut it into 4 pieces and let them sit at room temp before forming into pizzas. Topped them and put them on the stone in the grill for about 7-8 minutes and viola, perfect pizza.

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