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whole grain asian noodles?


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whole grain asian noodles?

ben61820 | Feb 21, 2007 06:42 AM

so, nowadays its all the rage to talk about and search out whole grain versions of the noodles we all knew as kids. whole grain cereals, whole grain italian-style pastas, etc are increasingly popular and available but am i the only one who feels like many of the asian noodles are being left out? as if these noodles made of white, refined wheat flour (or even the white, refined rice flour ones) weren't as bad for us since they are from china, japan, korea, thailand, etc? i dont get it. double standard?
i know that there are indeed some available (i actually have tried many) so i dont need a list of links for where to order them; im just making a point and raising a question regarding public opinion concerning these noodles is alll.

i mean, think of udon noodles, ramen noodles, those little tiny rice noodles in pad thai etc - they're all completely refined, stripped down starches 100%. also, i mean thinking about breads and rices, etc in the west, these were all ORIGINALLY eaten in their whole grain versions quite naturally and it was only the industrial revolution, etc that led to the refining of grains. i can not but assume that in the east it was the same. so, that leads me to believe that 'back in the day' as it were there were all these naturally (as opposed to politically correct or trendy) whole grain noodle dishes. any help at all here? i'd love to here from someone who grew up in the countryside of thailand (or somewhere) eating what im talking about. thanks.

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