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good low end liquor

theginguy | Apr 20, 200805:50 AM

I've been working on a blog and my main focus is to provide a list of reviews on good moderately priced liquor.

Now, I've noticed a big difference in some prices from California. But as far as pricing I'm trying to take the whole of USA into consideration.

Anyway, my goal is to be able to recommend several different brands in each liquor category... i.e., gin, vodka, whisky, rum, tequila, brandy etc...., that are good inexpensive brands. Liquors that are under $30.00 and preferably under $20.00. (keeping in mind the cost all across the country). But I'm also looking for "good" decent brands in this category. Brands that don't totally taste like ethanol, brands that aren't totally bland and tasteless, brands that are distilled good, with less impurities so the after effects are minimal. And especially, brands that you have found acceptable for everyday drinking and that you would offer to guests when they come over.

Here is my very short list as an example.

Vodka - Tito's Handmade Vodka - $30.00 for a half gallon. Or Luksusowa Vodka - around $13.00 a fifth.
Gin - Beefeaters - can usually be found on sale for around $20.00 a fifth.
Rum - Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum - around $18.00 a fifth.
Bourbon - Elijah Craig - around $30.00 for a half gallon.
Scotch - White Horse - William Grant's and Teacher's - between $16.00 to $20.00 a fifth.
Brandy - E&J XO - around $17.00 a fifth.
Tequila - Sauza Hornitos Anejo - around $35.00 a fifth. (tequila is expensive and I have found no acceptable sipping tequila under $30.00)

What I'm trying to do is suggest brands that would also be acceptable to drink neat and not just for mixing.

So what are your recommendations, I would love to hear them.... also keeping in mind that I'm mainly interested in brands that are widely available.

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