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Gol Gavzaban - Borage Flowers - Tell Me About Them


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Gol Gavzaban - Borage Flowers - Tell Me About Them

Caitlin McGrath | Mar 30, 2005 08:13 AM

The other day, in a Middle Eastern grocery, I spotted a packet of dried purple flower petals. The only English on the label was gol gavzaban. Some googling told me that this is the blossom of the borage plant. I found plenty of information on borage, the herb (the leaves of the plant), but nothing on its flower other than the suggestion that the dried petals are made into tea in some parts of the Middle East.

Does anyone know about this flower and the tea made from it? Is it used medicinally or for its flavor, and what does it taste like? And where is it used?

Thanks for any enlightenment on this.

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