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Another Global Santoku sharpening / honing thread

seamunky | Nov 11, 201309:55 PM

Hi folks

I've searched and read the many threads on sharpening and honing and Japanese knives and ceramic rods and smooth steel rods and grooved steel rods and pull through sharpeners and waterstones and stropping leathers and...whew! I must say I'm confused as ever.

Here's what's got me confused: 1. There have been many that advise against honing a Global knife 2. Let a professional do the sharpening

So what do I do in between? I had it sharpened 3 months ago and don't use it very often. I hand wash, dry, and wrap and keep it in a drawer. It is not as sharp anymore. Still passable but I would like to maintain its edge. I can't imagine taking it to a pro every 3 months.

Why shouldn't I use a honing rod? Is it because it's too hard to maintain the correct angle? I have no knife sharpening experience. Should I use a guiding rod sharpening system with an extra fine grit as the in-between-pro-sharpening maintenance? Like this one:




Thank you for your guidance and patience!

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