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Giving little kids expensive food -- am I off base?

dmd_kc | Jan 12, 201010:05 PM

I'm really and truly all for exposing kids to all sorts of tastes. But I also have to confess that I'm almost frantically frugal sometimes. That doesn't equate to cheap: I don't mind spending big bucks when it's going to be worth it.

But I simply can't stand it to lay out good money for food that won't be eaten. (Or appreciated, for that matter. I have a few friends who are just fine with Cracker Barrel cheddar, and I don't condescend at all, because I like that kind of cheese sometimes too -- but I'm also not going to break out the $40/pound artisan stuff on them, because they don't care about it.)

But several times recently, people in my sphere have served very young kids (under six) adult-sized portions of very spendy foods, some of them supplied by yours truly. We're talking lamb, lobster, caviar, even real truffles. In some cases, the kids ate them. More often, they either picked at them, or completely refused to sample them.

Confession: I don't have kids, and don't really like them that much. I realize this colors my perception.

But especially for someone who really has to think hard about whether that asparagus that looks so good could possibly be worth $6 a pound, this is a big-time issue for me.

What kind of monster am I?

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