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Giada--the new "semi-homemade?"

porceluna | Apr 29, 200808:47 AM

For a long time, Giada has been one of my favorite chefs. Her recipes almost always work for me and are flavorful yet unfussy. That flavorfulness used to seem to come from great fresh ingredients.

Recently, however, I've been noticing a disturbing trend, culminating with a recipe from a recent show. In this case, she took brownies from a box mix and topped them with Nutella, hazelnuts, and chocolate chips, and called the whole thing a recipe. I'm sorry, but in my world, that just doesn't count as homemade--perhaps just "assembled" at best. I think Giada has been using this Sandra Lee semi-homemade technique rather often recently (mostly in desserts with boxed cake mix bases, etc., but also with some other more "main course" dishes too). Don't get me wrong, I'm all for streamlining, but I just don't think this is good. Giada has been relatively respected by many home cooks, and I wish she weren't encouraging the average Joe/Jane to skip the actual "cooking part." It seems rather at odds with her original philosophy.

Anyway, it could be just me--maybe I'm just imagining things.... What are other CH's views on the situation?

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