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Gentleman's Butchershop & Delicatessen (a very mini-review)


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Gentleman's Butchershop & Delicatessen (a very mini-review)

PaulF | Jun 3, 2013 11:07 AM

This is a mini-review, based on a first impression, first time visit.

Gentleman's Butchershop & Delicatessen is located at the corner of Hughes and National. I'm not sure if that's Mar Vista or Palms or what. Probably Palms. It's next door to both The Coop pizzeria and Bob's Market.

Gentleman's Butchershop & Delicatessen was formerly called Victor's and at one time there was a relationship between Victor's and Victor Jr's restaurant near Sony. I don't know if there is any relation between Victor's and Gentleman's.

We stopped in on a whim, needing some meat to go with some homemade spaghetti sauce I made. (My kids tend to eat the meatballs and sausage out of the sauce and we end up sauce left over.)

They had some good looking sausages in the counter, but no Italian sausage. When we asked, they said no problem and the counterman quickly made 2.5 pounds of sausage for me -- the meat was already prepared, he just put it into the casings. So, it was very fresh. We also bought some rolls to make sandwiches.

Sausages were very good, very juicy, very well spiced. These were on the milder side, so not "hot Italian sausage." I fried them up and added them to the sauce. They were 5.99 per pound. The rolls were .99 apiece. Soft inside, crusty outside. Not the world's greatest rolls, but definitely good enough, convenient and just fine.

That's all we tried but we vowed to go back. Some good looking items in the counter, including some Korean short ribs that we plan to try, some ready to cook meatloaf and fresh chicken.

They also make sandwiches and have some deli salads and so on. I'm not sure of the whole sandwich menu, but the guy did mention offhand that they don't make a marinara for their sandwiches (I was telling him that I had leftover sauce for sandwiches), he said, because they don't want to compete with The Coop next door on that.

They've been open about six/seven weeks.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it as I like to see quality neighborhood places survive. I can only speak to one, quick visit but thought others might like to check it out.

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