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"Generics taste just as good as national brands" ... Really?

ipsedixit | Nov 1, 200908:55 PM

We all say it and preach (well most of us anyway) as if it's gospel, but how many of us have actually put the claim to the test?

I, mean, have you actually tried to verify that generics really do in fact taste as good as the national brand?

Verify as in do a blind tasting?

Well, today I did.

The following were put to the test:

1. Campbell's tomato soup
2. Hostess Twinkie's
3. Brach's Candy corn

Each test was done blindfolded and each food item was given to me randomly.


1. Tomato Soup (condensed)
Campell's soup was thicker and had more tomato-y taste to it. The generic plain brand tasted more like ketchup and was definitely saltier.
WINNER: Campbell's.

2. Twinkie
The Hostess Twinkie and the generic plain brand (Cafe W from Walgreen's) were almost indistinguishable. The Twinkie probably had a bit denser mouthfeel, but everything else was pretty much the same.

3. Candy Corn
First, Zac's Candy Corn didn't look exactly like Brach's. It was a little stubbier and more pale in color. (Ed note: because of the size difference, I did not handle the corn pieces, they were dropped into my mouth directly to minimize the impact of the difference in shape.) Shape differences aside, the Zac's simply were too sweet (yes, sweeter than even the Brach's) and did not have that notable slight undertone of vanilla, or is it coconut?
WINNER: Brach's

So, there you go. A very unscientific test of generics v. name brands.

Probably doesn't solve anything, but just more food for thought ...


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