GE Trivection Range.....

catsmeow | Feb 22, 2008 06:41 PM

About 2 yrs ago, I got the GE Trivection slide in range and have a few questions. The fan in the oven blows the grease towards the front door and it gets inside the glass in the door. There's no way to clean it. I called GE and they came and replaced it but I was told that it was a design problem with the oven. Between cooking in it and self cleaning it, it didn't take a month before the inside of the glass was splattered again. I just can't believe there is such a design flaw on their high end stove. Is anyone else having the same problem? I don't cook very often and it's so bad, the glass has more brown on it than clear spots. My next question is whether or not you've had any other problems. The circuit board went 2 months ago(luckly I had gotten an extended warranty just in case this happened) and it took over a month for GE to get the part. I was without the range for a full month. I love the way it cooks, but not being able to see through the oven door really bugs me as well as GE not having a better parts inventory. Comments?

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