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Gandolfo's NY Deli - Now Open in Pasadena

WildSwede | Mar 23, 2012 05:36 PM

Today I saw that Groupon had one of their “today only” coupons for a new New York Deli, Gandolfo’s, which recently (one week and 2 days ago) opened next to Dog Haus on Union & Hill in Pasadena.
Since I had no pre-determined lunch plans, I bought one ($10 for $20 worth of food good between 2-9 today - may still be available).
I went this afternoon with hopes of digging in to a Nathan’s Chicago Dog, which I noticed on their website’s menu. No such luck – seems Dog Haus has a monopoly on the hot dog sales on that corner. Dammit. I was really looking forward to that hot dog.
Well, I got over myself pretty quick and started perusing the huge menu. They have everything. The sweet server, Erin, gave me a sample of their Banana Pudding. It was fantastic! She said they had already made 4 trays of it today (all their salads are made in-house). They will let you sample whatever, it seems. I asked about the egg salad which looked great and she gave me a taste. I will only say that an egg salad sandwich is in my future!
I ordered a Pastrami on Rye, dill pickle and iced tea to eat there. I also ordered a Little Italy Salad (ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, onion, tomato and croutons on romaine) with Italian Dressing on the side and a black & white cookie to take to eat over the weekend.
I was going to get the sandwich to go, but they said it does not travel well as it is served hot. She was right – by the time I got it to my table and unwrapped it, the bottom piece of bread was a soggy mess, but this did not deter me as I usually eat my pastrami sammies with a fork and the break taken off to be eaten separately. This bread was thick cut and toasted nicely. The pastrami was good – not as fatty or wet as the one from The Hat. I really enjoyed the half I could eat (I got full, fast!) and cannot wait to eat the other half. Maybe tonight.
They have soups – today’s were Clam Chowder and Broccoli Cheddar. Both looked good. Their pasta salad looked great and I will need to get some there soon. They bake their own bread (I saw some in the oven when I was there) and their own cookies (except for the Black & White – they come from back east, either NY or NJ).
The staff is really friendly and helpful. It is a great addition to the area. I cannot wait to try more of their offerings from their substantial menu. They also serve some really good looking breakfast sandwiches on kaiser rolls and bagels. If you need it, they cater, too!


Gandolfo's NY Delicatessen
105 N Hill Ave, #102
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 405-2900


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