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Do you like fruitcake?


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Do you like fruitcake?

Caroline1 | Nov 9, 2008 03:42 AM

I'm sure that childhood experiences sway all of our opinions, and I grew up as the daughter of a fabled fruit cake maker. She baked them in April and May, wrapped them individually cheese cloth and put them in a huge air tight container and every month she doused them with more booze. She probably made about 40 of them, using most for gifts, but fruitcake was also served when friends dropped in for coffee any time during the holiday season. I can't recall anyone ever saying, "No, thank you."

But there seems to be an almost universal dislike of fruitcake. I suppose we should differentiate between "store bought" and "baked at home with love" kinds of fruitcake. But I have had some good bought fruitcakes. I've also had some that were horrid. Which probably demands the conclusion that really rotten home made fruitcake is possible.

So I'm curious whether you like or dislike fruitcake? And if any of you hate it no matter what, I'm curious why? 'Tis the season, and all that jazz.

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