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friday night taco adventure - el taurino & kike's tacos (brief synopsis & pics)


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friday night taco adventure - el taurino & kike's tacos (brief synopsis & pics)

rameniac | Jul 29, 2006 07:53 AM

after bailing on a rather uninteresting soiree in koreatown, fellow chowhound pirikara and i decided to check out a taco table based on memory. i must have confused el taurino with what i was looking for - somehow remembered "the intersection of olympic and hoover" instead of "vermont and venice"; think i might have been recalling a recent JG blurb about al pastor or whatnot. anyway we got to el taurino with exactly $1 in my pocket and $3+ change in piri's, and being a cash only place we simply got two al pastors and one carnitas. in a word: excellent. if my understanding is correct - al pastor is pork grilled on that vertical rotisserie spit a la middle eastern shwarma and ideally with an open flame right? anyway, we were more than satisfied but still slightly hungry so we went off to an ATM to get some cash.

but something in us was still looking for a taco table - and by this point, i couldn't remember at all where it might be, so we went to the little taco stand i pass all the time on my drive. it's called kike's tacos and is at the intersection of beaudry and 2nd street. they had a 'pastor' on the menu, but certainly there was no turning spit in sight. i tried that and the carnitas just for kicks with my newfound cash and... it was ok. slightly underwhelming considering we'd just come from el taurino, but the 'pastor' was nothing like the 'al pastor' from earlier, which made me wonder if it was supposed to be the same thing or if i've just got it all wrong.

by the way there were no round hubcap-type apparati so i'm not sure if this was the same thing as the 'taco table' that everyone keeps mentioning, but it was still worth checking out.

one note of caution: i inhale spicy like i breathe air, but the spicy salsa at el taurino is pretty vengeful. i can still feel my stomach tingling slightly. wish me luck tomorrow ><.

piri's photos and take on this:

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