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French Press Coffee Pots - 2 Qs

bk | Dec 1, 200408:27 AM

2 Questions:

1. When a french press pot is described as being 12 oz is that the total volume of the pot contents (coffee plus grounds) OR does that mean you end up with 12 oz. of brewed coffee?

I usually only make coffee for myself (1 or 2 cups), so 99% of the time the smallest french press will do.

2. So, what should I do for those times I entertain and need to serve an undetermined number of guests? Is it wise to buy a big french press and make less than the reccommended number of cups, if need be?

I'm thinking about buying the Columbia pot from Bodum, so if anybody has any experiences good/bad with that style, please chime in.

Link: http://www.bodumusa.com/shop/line.asp...

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