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forgotten desserts


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forgotten desserts

ben f | Dec 18, 2001 04:23 PM

(man do I hope I'm spelling desserts right)

Let me preface this by saying I am not normally a fan of sweet foods. I am however a fan of forgotten foods.

My wife was looking through an old cookbook last night, trying to decide on something to bake. She eventually came across, and made, a lemon sponge custard. It was a custard made with lemon rind and juice, and during the baking, a soft cakey light brown sponge formed on the top. We ate it warm last night, and will eat the rest cold tonight. It was lighter than a creme brulee (ugh!) and more interesting texturally.

Okay, so maybe this isn't a forgotten dish to some people, but I was just thinking how standardized desserts seem to be. Does anyone have any suggestions for old/weird-in-a-not-intentional-way desserts that we should try?

My family's one weird dessert is the Lord Baltimore Cake, made with all the leftover yolks from a lady baltimore cake. Heavy, rich, good.


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