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Food sharing - why not sampler plates

danhole | May 8, 200810:42 AM

Someone, I think it may have been eat_nopal, mentioned in the food sharing thread about actually sharing food with people at another table, exchanging a taste of this and that. Now, done properly (meaning on bread plates, using your own silverware) why isn't this a more common practice? Whenever I go to a new restaurant I wish I had the liberty to walk around, look at others meals, and be able to ask what they are eating, how is it, etc. Of course I don't, instead I sit at my table and strain to see what is on the tables close by, and see if they are savoring it or just eating. We were in one place where the tables were so close that you were practically sitting together, and that couple was oohing and aahing over their meals. I kept glancing over to see if I could figure out what they had, but I finally just asked, very politely. They told me and it was a good recommendation.

Another wish I have is to be able to go into a seafood restaurant and just get a bite of this and that, because I am leery of seafood (that's a whole 'nother thread), but wouldn't it be nice to get a bit of everything, whether it be seafood or Indian food, or whatever, so you could figure out what you really like before "committing" to just one entree? I was having this discussion with a friend yesterday and thought I would throw it out there.

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