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Food safety question: Natto

moh | May 8, 200801:59 PM

I have been screwing up my courage to try natto, and now a lovely friend has offered to introduce me to this intriguing food item. But I have been instructed to be careful about food choices as I have a small risk of immunosuppression. So I am supposed to avoid certain cheeses, raw meat and fish, unwashed fruits and vegetables, the usual. I have stopped eating week old deli meat and other bad habits I have picked up over the years. Three week old sandwiches are verboeten. But please keep in mind, this precautionary advice is precautionary only. I am not actually immunosupressed tight now, just have a small risk of developing it.

Can someone tell me if natto is ok? I understand it is a fermented product, and from what I can tell, it seems ok. But any known contraindication to eating it? (yes, this is your chance to make jokes about the inedibility of natto. But I'm looking for scientific information, not just aesthetic reasons not to eat the stuff).

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