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Food Identity -Champagne / Rocquefort / Brie etc.


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Food Identity -Champagne / Rocquefort / Brie etc.

Amin (London Foodie) | Jan 25, 2005 12:53 AM

The post below titled ''Say Cheese: Made in the USA''
led me to ask Sir Gawain as to why American cheese
(or any other product made in the USA) ought to have
qualifying identities such as similar products from
europe example:'Nocturne Pianoforte Cadenza, 'Melange
Rondo Metronome', 'Adagio Acapella Figaro', 'Triple
Creme', 'Minuet Picolo Largo''GranCanaria' 'Cypressa'

My beef is that surely one can give a more original
name to a US product whether it be yipee kaiyay, or
yeehaaa or whatever else.

Sir Gawain agrees by lightheartedly saying ''High time
these ambitious US cheesemakers showed some enthusiasm
for the American language and quit borrowing from the
French and Italian already.''

In Europe you cannot call a product Champagne if it
has not been directly produced in that part of France,
nor does parma ham coming from Parma in Italy retain
its identity if it has been sliced for resale over a
counter in Scotland. Similarly devonshire cream,
cheddar or Leicestershire cheese are products from the
specific areas in the UK.

The EU directive (see link below) which is available
in acrobat reader .pdf document of some 46 pages
pages 30-46 being of main relevance here) divides
the products into two basic classifications:

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)
PGI (Protected Geographic Indicator)

Please see the below given link which was a subject
of discussion on another board, for further information

Comments please.


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