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What if you don't like the food?


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What if you don't like the food?

Nalega | Mar 31, 2007 08:17 AM

Went out last night (against my better judgement) to a pasta restautant (i dont really want to call it an italian restautant).

Well the pasta itself was just ok, but it was coated in very heavy oil, the eggplant in it was complete oily mush, and it was incredibly salty. I don't think it was a bad batch of the dish - I just think the restaurant wasn't very good. I picked at it a little because I didn't want to be the only person at the table not eating. When the waiter come to take the plates he asked if i was done and if i wanted it wrapped up (i certainly didnt want to take it home, even if it was practically a fully meal). He didn't flinch when i said no, he didnt ask if we enjoyed the meal. I went home and ate a sandwich.

I almost never go out to eat and dislike the food so much that I don't even eat it - usually theres something about it that i can eat around or pick out.

The question is simple - what do YOU do if you just don't like the food in a restaurant?

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