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Flushing Review: Yi Lan Halal Restaurant

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Has your boss has been yapping too much at work or have you’ve been eating too much of “the other white meat?”

Consider then swinging by Yi Lan Halal Restaurant 一蘭飯庄 (Yi1 Lan2 Fan4 Zhuang1) for a change of Chinese pace. They’ve been open about five months. The Owner/Chef is a man named 凌大伟 – Ling2 Da4 Wei3. Interesting because 大伟 Da Wei is the Chinese for David! Look for his photo with Hizzoner in the front behind the till. He’s Muslim and from Tianjin, so the dishes he is turning out definitely have a northern or Tianjin bent. And of course, there’s no pork present. His English is limited but ace waitress/hostess Cindy’s isn’t and she’ll take care of you just fine. Apparently Chef Ling’s family runs an Yi Lan Halal restaurant in Tianjin. First-run through here covered the following dishes:

Ox Tongue and Tripe with Spicy Peppery Sauce - Divine. Nice and spicy and very tender.

Stir-fried Cake - Or as dining companion Stan called it, the “Wacky Bing.” Here, a thick pancake or bing is shredded and stir-fried with beef, egg, carrots and cabbage. Unique and delicious. This is under their Rice and Noodle section of the menu and is not translated into English. In Chinese it is simply 炒饼 Chao3 Bing3. Only $5.95 too. Definitely a northern Chinese dish.

Sliced Fish with Hot Peppers – the Tianjin version of the Sichuan classic. Spicy fish filets presented, but it was not “blow out your mouth spicy” and the red broth was very savory. Be sure to pick out the good bits from the bottom after you’ve finished off the fish.

Cabbage in Sour Sauce – Stir-fried cabbage in sour sauce that packed a bit too much sweetness. The one dud here.

Lamb with Chili Pepper – again, the Tianjin version of Cumin Lamb. Boy you could smell that cumin as the dish was delivered tableside.

Mutton Soup – This is a special that is hand-printed in Chinese only, on the in-house menu but is listed on their take-out menu as “Hand Teared Lamb.” So pleased we ordered this. It also seemed to be on every other table. A hearty lamb broth with bones and a bit o’meat. And at least twice during the meal they added more broth to the hot pot! Who does that anymore? It’s called 手抓羊肉 Shou3 Zhua1 Yang2 Rou4.

Steamed Vegetable Shumai – 素燒麥 Su4 Shao1 Mai4. These dumplings were filled with cucumber, egg, wood ear, pickled vegetable and was that crab meat? Probably not at only $0.60 per each dumpling! This is another dish under the Rice and Noodle section of the menu that is not translated into English.

Eight Treasure Tofu - interesting dish and well presented. Deep-fried tofu cubes are topped with shrimp, squid, sea cucumber, dried scallops and a few crab sticks in a brown sauce.

Egg Fritters – for some reason called Yellow Vegetable in Chinese 黄菜 Huang2 Cai4. They serve four types of desert fritters under “Sweet Dish” on the menu: Yams, Egg, Pineapple and Longan. (Again none are translated into English.) Here eggs, oil and water (and flour?) are mixed together to create some type of dough, which is then deep-fried. Ours seem a bit under-cooked.

There are a lot more dishes worth exploring on this menu. Wasabi Arctic Surf Clams, Tomato with Noodle Soup, Moo Shu in Sour Sauce, Sour Cabbage and Lamb with thin Noodles, Sautéed Squid Rolls and a couple of Tianjin House Special Dishes.


Yi Lan Tianjin Dishes:

Stir-fried Cake – (Only for home cooks!) “How to Make” video in Chinese with background music from the World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band:

Yi Lan Halal Restaurant 一蘭飯庄 (Yi1 Lan2 Fan4 Zhuang1)
42-79A Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355

Tel: 718-886-3622

Open every day from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Yi Lan Halal Restaurant
42-79 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

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