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What would you say to your fishmonger?


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What would you say to your fishmonger?

danna | Jan 4, 2006 11:14 AM

For the last 4-5 years, I have considered myself very, very lucky to have a good fishmonger. Greenville, SC is not a good town for the chowish. The best gro sto in town is swamped by folks who go there for the free hazlenut coffee and walk around drinking it with their pinkies out. 99.5% wouldn't know quality food if it bit them on their bottoms. In Greenville, people don't think "Should we go to Outback or Olive Garden tonight?" is a funny joke.

So my relationship with the fish guy is a surprise, and a godsend. He always tells me what to get, and never disappoints, whether snapper,salmon, halibut,clams,shrimp,crab, you name it.

Until recently. In the last 3 visits I have gotten 1 almost inedible piece of salmon, and 2 lbs of mediocre shrimp. Fish guy has not been around, I know he is opening new stores, getting married, and building a house. Assuming I ever see him again in the store, what do I say? How much can I say without insulting him? Would you give it a few more tries first? Or should I ask his Mom for his cell # and tell him what's what? The other employees don't speak enough English to have this conversation. Help me be tactful, I don't want to get banned ;-)

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