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My better half finds this disgusting...Should I stop?


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My better half finds this disgusting...Should I stop?

Burghfeeder | Oct 8, 2012 09:15 AM

My job requires that I work out of my home office at least a couple of mornings each week. My routine consists of a light breakfast, then I'll brew a pot of coffee that I'll sip on while I make phone calls, answer emails etc, for a few hours.

My dilema is that frequently, I'll finish about half a cup of coffee before it gets cold. If I pour fresh, hot coffee into my cup, the cold coffee makes the entire cup luke warm. If I dump out the half cup of cold coffee, I always run out of coffee. My solution is simple. I just pour the cold coffee back into the hot coffee pot, and then pour a new cup. It's always hot!

Pouring my coffee from a cup that I was drinking from back into the pot really bothers her, but I'm the only one here that drinks it. I would never consider doing that if others were there, but it's only me! Even if she occasionally wants a cup, I still don't see the big deal, heck we share drinks all the time.

Do you think I'm off base on this?

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