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Trying to Find a Particular Type of Mexican Cake [moved from MSP]


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Trying to Find a Particular Type of Mexican Cake [moved from MSP]

greghoffman | Dec 16, 2012 07:58 PM

A few years ago - when I was working in Bloomington - I used to eat at La Mixteca on Portland just south of 494. It was really good Mexican - or at least it was at that time.

They kind of had an on-again, off-again bakery section in the restaurant. It would be there for a few months, then not there, then back again. When they did have the bakery, but only some days, they would have this particular kind of cake that I haven't found anywhere else, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I might find it, or where I could get a recipe for it.

I tried a few times to ask the woman who did the baking what it was called, but I don't think she spoke (much) English, and all I could get out of her was something that sounded like "wheat". It was a sheet cake, about 2.5-3" tall, cut in triangles. It was a _very_ hearty whole-wheat cake, dense and sweet, but not too sweet. And _really_ whole-wheaty - tasted like it would be a really healthy cake, if it weren't so "moist" that it would kind of leave grease stains on the paper bag. No frosting - it seemed to be kind of dusted with wheat bran - almost seemed like they saved the chaff of the wheat and dusted that on top.

So, is that ringing any bells with anyone? I still get a craving for it occasionally, and haven't found it at any of the other Mexican bakeries I've tried.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance.


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