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Favorite recipe for Chicken w/40 cloves of garlic?


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Favorite recipe for Chicken w/40 cloves of garlic?

The Turtle (Bay) Dove | Sep 29, 2004 11:04 AM

Anyone have a particular favorite recipe for this stand-by? I've never made it, but would like to. I have one that I cut out a few years ago from the NY TImes that is adapted from Antoine Westermann that looks delicious, but I'm a) a touch confused by the directions for making a dough to seal the lid of the casserole and b) tend to be suspicious of NY Times recipes as I've often found them to seem to be not quite right. I at least don't cook from them to serve to guests without trying them out first (as I'm not quite experienced enough to catch recipe errors on my own often).

I also have the recipe in Joy of Cooking.

Any help in choosing between these two or great experiences with a recipe from somewhere else?

And what to serve with it? The Westermann recipe includes potatoes and some veggies so I was thinking just a green salad and bread.

Thanks! --Joanna

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