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Favorite Pimenton?

opinionatedchef | Jan 1, 201411:03 PM

Reminded of the great value of the NYTimes food articles, I found this piece on Pimenton, which I am coming to really appreciate (i.e. use alot) in my cooking this year.
While Amazon has consistent supplies,I have bought mine from local stores here and there where i could find it and i am on my third brand , and they're all different. I actually am realizing that, similar to other peppers (poblanos especially )Pimenton peppers vary in spiciness and flavor even within the same variety, batch, case, and maybe even field? I only cook with the Dulce version, and just now, my new can of 'Dulce' El Rey de la Vera is not as sweet as my Safinter (which does not say whether it is dulce or bittersweet or hot.)and I had la Chinata once too, years ago.They are all from La Vera in Spain. Have you tried these and compared them? Have a preference? Thx very much!

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