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Favorite Peanut Butter (and where to get it)


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Favorite Peanut Butter (and where to get it)

PaulF | Dec 20, 2006 05:56 PM

Did a search and as far as I can tell, the last "best peanut butter" survey was over two years ago, so I feel OK in starting another ...

I buy two different peanut butter brands and we like them both a lot. (My older son is a vegetarian and eats peanut butter and real fruit spread for lunch and breakfast all week long).

The best I get in a regular super market is the Laura Scudder's brand. It's 100% peanuts (and salt). We eat the smooth, but the crunchy tastes great, too.

LS has an organic variety as well, but it's so expensive, we never buy it.

I/we actually like Trader Joe's peanut butter better than LS, but I'm in TJs less often and when we need peanut butter, we need peanut butter, so I get what is convenient.

One of the great things about the TJs brand is that even though it is also 100% nuts (and salt) it doesn't need that same stirring and mixing that the LS pb does. The Scudder really has to be mixed up to keep it evenly moist.

I've no doubt there are other, maybe better, brands out there. Maybe some regional brands. Peanut butter is the type of thing that will ship, so maybe some of those brands can be ordered online if I can't find them where I live (Culver City, California).

So, with that in mind, anyone have a favorite peanut butter?

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