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Your favorite gin for classic cocktails?

tinnywatty | Mar 18, 201206:57 PM

In drinks like the aviation, pegu club, white lady etc, where the mixers are relatively light and citrusy, would you use a less juniper -forward gin than in drinks with stronger/bolder ingredients, like perhaps the Martinez with 2 oz of sweet vermouth? Best gin for a martini has been discussed to death but I'm interested specifically in a gin that will go well in these types of drinks. Obviously it's a matter of personal taste but I'd like to know how the drinks are intended to taste before I play around to see how I like them. I'm near the end of my first bottle of Beefeater and trying to determine whether I should buy another bottle of the same, or if another gin would do better. Both budget and space are an issue, so I'm trying to narrow it down to one or two brands that will cover a wide range of drinks.

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