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What's Your Favorite Chinese Take Out Order


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What's Your Favorite Chinese Take Out Order

thegolferbitch | Dec 8, 2006 02:17 PM

Judging from the boards, a lot of us do Chinese food over the holidays for either Christmas or New Year's Eve. I remember that my godfather's (a bachelor) contribution to our Christmas Eve party every year was four huge steaming cartons of Subgum Har Kew. We ate a lot of seafood that night, and I always looked forward to his arrival.

These days, even the tiniest takeout joints seem to be getting more adventurous with their takeout menu offerings. For example, my favorite local takeout place in my hometown gives a nod to our huge Hispanic community and also offers fried plaintains on their menu, as well as asapao on chef's special occasionally (I grab this when they have it). So there's a little diversity going on.

What's your favorite Chinese takeout item? I love dumplings of any sort.

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